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About Us

As a young girl growing up in Philadelphia, I always loved going down town to Center City and buying perfume oils from the street vendors. Somali Rose was my favorite.  With just one sniff of the rose, I can close my eyes and hear the sounds of the busy streets. Car horns blowing, buses screeching, and the soulful sounds of the best R & B  and Jazz dancing around my head. I feel the rumbling of the subway trains beneath my feet.  I see the daily hustle and flow of the city as people move to and fro and how sweet it is to taste a Philly Cheese Steak with mushrooms and fried onions on a soft Amoroso roll, ummm...   I love the City of Brotherly Love, with all my sisterly affection. It’s amazing what memories can come to mind with just the sniff of one scent.

For a long time I knew that I had an entrepreneur spirit.  I wasn’t quite sure what gifts God had put inside of me.  What was I really passionate about?  What moved me? So one day I asked God to stir up the gifts.

First Fruits was awakened and its brand, Exotic Blendz, Fine Fragrances and Exotic Oils.  I knew then the plan that God had unveiled for me. When I’m blending oils or creating fragrances my heart is lifted up high as I am reminded how awesome God is.  I am connected to the passion that flows from above.  I am committed to providing you with superior quality fragrances.  They are pure, natural and wonderfully blended to enhance the beauty that resides within you!
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