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Bath & Shower

Feelin’z Sea Salt Bask
Exhale!  No housework…no meetings…no cooking…no plane to catch…and no one to care for.  It’s all about you. Let’s go to your secret place of utopia and bask in the recesses of your mind.

Soothe your body, replenish your skin and send your spirit to a heavenly realm.  Immerse yourself in a sea salt bath. A bountiful blend of minerals from the dead sea with an array of sweet essential oils.  What a relaxing and blissful experience.

Come on…Love Yourself!
4 oz Jar $15.00                                                                      Exotic Blendz, Paradise and You!

Exotic Blendz Liquid Black Soap

Whether you’re  bathing or showering, treat yourself  to an awesome delight of conditioners and moisturizer that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. If it’s a fresh clean fragrance and beautiful skin  that you desire. then take  a moment to indulge yourself in this pure blend of nature’s finest treats.

Your skin will thank you!
8 oz Bottle $10.00 (photo coming soon)
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