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Essential Oils

Disclaimer: Essential oils are highly concentrated and should be used with respect and extreme care. Never take essential oils internally, or without the guidance of a professional Aroma Therapist. Always be very cautious when using essential oils on children and during pregnancy. Store all essential oils out of reach of children. This guide should not be used for prescribing or diagnosing. It is not a substitute for professional medical attention. Consult a holistic doctor for treatment of health problems. First Fruits assumes no responsibility if you choose to prescribe for yourself without the approval of a licensed medical doctor.


Chamomile 15%  -  blended with jojoba oil – It’s Gentle, calming and soothing. Promotes a sense of inner peace when one is feeling overwhelmed and needs a caring touch. Eases depression, stress, anger, irritability, and hypersensitivity.  Lowers blood pressure. Assist in detoxification of the body. Makes a soothing massage.  An aid in healing  of burns and wounds. Induces restful sleep.

Eucalyptus 15%  -   blended with jojoba oil - Invigorating, penetrating and balancing.  A cool and refreshing essential oil. Helps clear and open the energetic pathways of the body and mind. Helps alleviate grief and sorrow. Speeds physical and emotional healing processes.   Increases energy, counters physical and mental fatigue. Excellent antiseptic properties. Great massage oil. Effective insect repellent. Balances the heart.

Geranium 20%   -  blended with jojoba oil -  A rose –like aroma with a minty undertones. Fresh, harmonious and quieting.  Balances the body, mind and emotions. Has a normalizing effect; can be either stimulating or sedating according to the individual needs. Vitalizes the body and promotes hormonal balance. Strengthens the liver and kidneys. Aids the rejuvenation of skin cells.

Grapefruit 20%  -  blended with jojoba oil - A tangy and citrus scent. Vibrant, light and cheerful. Eases depression and moodiness; inspires joy and humor. Revitalizes and bolsters confidence. Energizes the physical body and nervous system. Promotes digestion. Aids blood circulation. Beneficial for the kidney, pancreas and gall bladder.  A euphoric and bright essential oil

Lavender 30%  -   blended with jojoba oil -  Fresh and flowery-sweet  with a fleeting light fruity tone. One of the most gentle and versatile essential oil. Excellent for clearing negative aura. Brings clarity, peace of mind and emotional balance. Motivates and  invigorates. A  calming effect to induce sleep and relieve anxiety. Beneficial for respiratory problems. It’s relaxing, toning and refreshing abilities makes it a very popular oil. Helps alleviate headaches if massaged at the temple points. Has strong antiseptic quality. It’s great for cleaning and clearing crystals and gems. It’s also great with children because of its gentleness.   

Lemongrass  30% blended with jojoba oil - Calming, brings clarity, peace of mind and emotional balance. Eases anxiety, depression, and confusion. A stimulant for the immune and nervous systems. Have antiseptic properties; aid in the healing of wounds. Regenerates skin cells, excellent for general skin care. Wonderful for aged skin. Repels insects.

Neroli (Orange Blossom) blended with jojoba oil  –  A deep, intoxicating aroma. Delicate and delightful scent. A refreshing and floral aroma. Brings inspiration and enhances creativity. Boost confidence and self-esteem. Soothing and deeply relaxing; a powerful aid in relieving mental/emotional stress and anxiety. Greatly eases fear, depression, grief, shock and hysteria. Wonderful for skin care.

Peppermint  10%  blended with jojoba oil - An extremely versatile essential oil. Exciting, vitalizing, cool and refreshing sensation. Sparks the inner child within, inspiring a sense of enthusiasm and excitement. A general tonic for the entire body. Used with massage helps relieve muscle, arthritic and menstrual pain. Fights confusion and promotes surety for focus. Naturally cleansing and antimicrobial. A drop in water makes a wonderful mouthwash and breath refresher. A necessary addition to first aid kits.  

Rose  50%  -  blended with jojoba oil  - The symbol of love. Elegant, romantic and enchanting. Awakens, inspires and brightens the heart. Relieves tension, depression, postnatal depression, sadness and grief. Especially soothing for children. Helps appease envy, jealousy and anger. Has a powerful tonic effect upon the circulation and nervous systems. Beneficial for the liver and gall bladder.

Teatree 15%  -  blended with jojoba oil - Known as the “Miracle Oil”. The single most effective and non-toxic antibacterial and anti-fungal essential oil. Calm and balances mood swings. Stimulates the immune system; useful for assisting and speeding all healing processes. Encourages to fight illnesses Anti viral properties aids in the healing of cold sores, cold and flu. Beneficial for the respiratory system; cold, flu, and asthma. A must for any first aids kit
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